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From Cynthia Denise Horton



In July of 2008, the family and friends of Cynthia Denise Horton established a memorial scholarship fund in her name. Education was really important to Cynthia, and she believed that everyone deserved the opportunity to pursue college and live out their dreams of a successful life. The Cynthia Denise Robinson Horton (CDRH) Scholarship Fund has been established for incoming college students; and it is being administered by UNCF - United Negro College Fund.


Cynthia Denise Robinson Horton was born on January 20, 1958 in Sumter, South Carolina to Walter and Sarah Robinson. As a native of the South, she was raised with the gentle courtesies and Christian values characteristic of the region. She had a very sweet nature. Cynthia was always cheerful, was never without a kind word, and was truly a shining light to others. She had a particular passion for working with youth and her life was the perfect example of how easy it is to gracefully and simultaneously serve God, community, and family.

Cynthia was a born-again Christian. As a child, she demonstrated her commitment to Christ early on by becoming actively involved in the family church, Trinidad Baptist. There, she was a member of the usher board and participated in various youth ministries. In later years, she would also come to serve Trinidad as a Sunday school teacher and organizer of youth activities. As a student, Cynthia always excelled academically. In 1975, she graduated a full year early from Eastern Senior High School. Not only did she graduate as a junior, but she was also named salutatorian and received an academic scholarship to Bennett College. At Bennett, Cynthia continued to be a high achiever and consistently earned a place on the Dean’s List. Even while working hard for grades, Cynthia never lost sight of her desire to serve. She joined a national service sorority; Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. and remained an active member throughout her life. It is important to note that while at Bennett she enjoyed a family like atmosphere. Classes were smaller, teachers truly cared about their students, and were mentors, counselors, and sometimes acted as the parent away from home. It was her experience at Bennett that solidified her belief in the value of Historically Black Colleges as a needed instrument in the Black community.

After graduation, Cynthia spent a year teaching at a Greensboro, North Carolina Elementary School. Following that, she took a position with the FINRA, formerly the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), where she emerged as a highly successful and respected member of the management team. Cynthia held a number of key positions with NASD including Training Coordinator and Manager of Mail Room Operations.

Throughout her young-adult and adult years, Cynthia was always affiliated with and working within a church. She united with Glory Cloud International Church where her leadership and dedication were immediately recognized. Cynthia believed in the Biblical mandate that one must study in order to show oneself approved. Cynthia studied and trained at Glory Cloud and soon became a Church Elder. She was assigned to the church’s education ministry where she organized and directed the Sunday School Programs. Although the administration of these programs was both challenging and fulfilling, this was not enough. Cynthia’s greatest love was teaching. Even while juggling the many aspects of her Sunday School Director position, she still kept her hands in the frontline ministry by continuing to perform her first love, teaching the elementary school children. .

Continuing her Christian journey, Cynthia became affiliated with New Creation in Christ Ministries. At New Creation, she served as the Youth Director, Usher, Sunday School Teacher, and member of the Leadership Council. She was loved by all, but especially by the youth of the church. The young people were exceedingly fond of her but they also admired and respected her. They considered Cynthia as one of their favorite and most effective spiritual leaders. As anyone who works with youth knows, it takes a special person to connect with young people on so many levels. Cynthia was a blessing at New Creation, just as she had been at previous churches. While she gave so much of herself to her church families, Cynthia was a loving and Godly wife and mother.

In 1989, Cynthia united in holy wedlock with Everett C. Horton. Making the occasion even more special, the couple married on Cynthia’s birthday. Cynthia and Everett raised three sons together. Cynthia filled her life with all of the activities that go along with maintaining a Christian home. The boys were raised in the church, and like her, were involved in several church auxiliaries. Besides church, the boys participated in sports, community programs, and extracurricular activities. She was the consummate “busy mother,” serving as chauffer, team mom, grocery shopper, schedule planner, and school meeting attendee. With all of this, she also ensured that dinner was prepared for her family daily. Today, Cynthia’s sons are a living testament to her untiring dedication to motherhood. All three are successful young men who are working, attending classes, and fulfilling the dreams that their mother had for them. Cynthia’s sons are becoming the men that she wanted them to be.

Finally, Cynthia was a devoted and supportive wife to Everett. In spite all she did for the church and her children, she still managed to encourage and lift up her husband’s career. When Everett launched his dream of having his own software development company, Cynthia was right there with him. She worked as the company’s vice-president. While Everett managed the day-to-day operations related to software development, Cynthia handled the critical administrative responsibilities. Thanks largely to her efforts, the company secured numerous certification that opened the company to unlimited opportunities. As this business matured, Cynthia was able to branch off into a business of her own.

Led by the Lord’s spirit and her own love of reading, Cynthia opened a Christian bookstore, which she named “Prayerfully Yours.” This was no ordinary bookstore. Quite naturally it sold books and provided a source of food for God’ people, but it did much more than that. It placed Cynthia in the center of God’s plan for her to minister to the masses. Hundreds of patrons would come to the bookstore simply to open up their lives, talk, and to be ministered to. Cynthia, driven by Holy Spirit, always had time to listen, console, and advise. Within the bookstore, Cynthia opened a school of praise and worship where volunteers taught liturgical dance as an expression of God’s love. Once again, Cynthia found a way to be of service to others as she served the Lord.

Cynthia’s life was short but her reach was long and broad. She embodied the expression which says, “Bloom wherever God plants you.” By accomplishing so much in her own life, she inspired others to be more than they thought possible. She instilled wisdom in the minds of the youth and charity in the hearts of the adults. Her focus has always been threefold: God, service, and family. God was first in her life, but everything else was in balance. She was the ultimate wife and mother. She was the essence of all that is good. With this scholarship, her goodness lives on and her spirit will bless the lives of the young people whom she so dearly loved.

Thank you Cynthia Denise Horton for making the world a better place.

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